Meny Multi-user evolution enviroment

In many ways, I see hypermedia as being a dynamic system almost by definition where the user should be able to define links at run time not just at authoring time.

That is what I would like to see. There's a number of intresting questions about how this could be done in an open system there everyone can add and change in all information.

I would like to use a system there I could make comments to the text I read. But not only that. I also want to be able to reach a person that has read that same text in the same context. This menas that if I read a text and don't find the answer in the form of a hypertext link or an entry in the dictionary associated with the document, I could find out just who has read this text, and has the personal profile that match the pages classification. The computer should see which of them that is online (preferably the author) and that way get an instant answer to my question. Of course would each user choose how he would like to be represented.

I would like a system there other could make corrections in the material that I produce. This corrections or additions should not overwrite the original, but should exist parallell to the original. This addition / modification should be stored with the data about the context of the change and the profile of the user. It would then be up to the individual to filter out what material he would like to see. In the most basic form this would meen that a novice could have the text representet diffrently than an expert on the partiqular subject. But it would also mean that a user could choose to accept the changes and addition from persons which are regarded as quality providor, and filter out thoose that seem to contribute garbage or confusion, or just make a preference for the prefered style.

Further moore: You do provide information just by browsing throu pages. In the moost basic form, this means that links could be organized by popularity. But more inportent is that you could se that links was valued by thoose that had a particulary personal profile. This would be the base for continious evaluation of the links. Bad ones would sink to the background, good ones (for the paricular context) would move to the fore ground. This would happen without any required extra thougt process from the user. But parallel with this, there should be a process like this: The user starts to describe what he is looking after (by typing in search strings or by tuning a subject profile or by choosing one or more pages similar to the one desired) he then has a simpel ranking system (like foure buttons in the menu bar) that he could klick to give the feed back to the page. This information would both adjust the probability to get to that page the next time he looks for the same information, but it could also further tune his own parameters.