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Before I knew anything about HTML, I developed a structured way to write text that could be read by a program, so that the diffrent parts could be identified and the structure maked out, without inserting any strange characters. The idea was that the text should look good and be easy to read in the raw form, but still be structured enough to be unambigous for a computer program.

I named a specialised use of this system ICS. I can't remember now what name I put on the underlying system. Anyway: I was a sort of very dynamic text-based database system. All the data should be readbel, and all sorts of text data (documents) could be stored in the format. There would be templates, lists and Prolog-like rules to tell the computer how to relate the diffrent data to each other.

It was thought out to work with all types of computer systems. I think of all systems to be a compromise between time-requirement, storage-requirement and flexebility. If you raise the tolerance for one of the components, you can heighten the performance for the others. My goal was to make a system there each administrator could make their own distribution of their computer power over the three values.

My Interactive Communication System (ICS) has many resemblances with hypertext. It was the result of my thoughts about BBS's and FidoNet. It's an enviroment there everybody continiously contributing with more information, wisdom and entertainment. I wanted a system there every message could be on topic. They could be interactively linked or moved to other dicussions. Each discussion would be a place with for the enhancment of knowledge. There would be statistics, ratings and cooperativley maintaind documents. Their would be rules for each users abilities to modify the content, based on the status gained from the statistics, rules and other things, created by the initiator of the discussion / site. Rather then an hierarcy of groups and subgroups, there would be a network of linked discussions. One discussion started at one place could drift into another. There would be highly developed ways to keep track on the discussions, with some diffrent sorts of comments.

I would like to see a system like this completly blend together with a global hypertext system such as WWW.

... All of the above is things that I thought about. Much of it is described in some detail. Almost non of it has been realized.

This was in the late 1980:s. I was around 17 years old.

I am now continuing with RDF...