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Jonas Liljegren

Foto of meI was born in 1972 and have completed my studies of informatics at the University of Gothenburg. I now work at Avisita Travel.

My main intrests are parapsychology, paranormal phenomena, the visions of tomorrows computers and software, mind oriented pedagogy, mind development, visions of the future, and some games.

ICQ-number: 552 77 05

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GEEK CODE 2.1:GCS/O/U -d H s+:->+:-- g++(?) p5 !au a- w+ v+(b) C++>$ US P+ L !3 E---- N+ K- W- M V? -po+ Y+ t+>++ 5 j R G++ tv+ b+ D++ B? e+ u++ h! f- !r n+(----) y+