Tillbaka True: My Personality

Personal Characteristics - Summary

  1. You have liberal views and attitudes about the world
  2. You appear to be very ambitious
  3. You're very intellectual
  4. You are moderately conscientious
  5. You have a high level of integrity
  6. You sometimes seek out adventure
  7. You have a somewhat adaptable personality
  8. Occasionally you behave in a dominant manner

    Money Attitudes - Summary

    1. You realize the importance of money but it doesn't consume your thoughts

    Social Life - Summary

    1. Certain facets of your personality may occasionally make it challenging for others to interact with you
    2. Having a social network is somewhat important to you

    Stress Reaction - Summary

    1. It appears that your understanding of your own emotions and those of others is average
    2. In general, your reaction to stress is somewhat adaptive
    3. You display a few psychological traits that may interfere with your day-to-day functioning

    Communication Style - Summary

    1. You are somewhat comfortable being vulnerable to your romantic partner
    2. You need a lot of emotional intimacy
    3. You are somewhat open to accepting your partner's opinions, goals, and input in the relationship
    4. You communicate somewhat effectively and considerately with other people
    5. You have a moderate need for intellectual, thought-provoking discussions with partner

    Conflict Resolution - Summary

    1. You have relatively strong conflict resolution skills
    2. You are somewhat prone to conflict

    Relationship Issues - Summary

    1. You appear to be ready to commit to a serious, long-term relationship
    2. You are looking for a companion to have fun with and potentially date long-term
    3. Generally, you believe romance should be preserved for special occasions
    4. You are not attentive towards your romantic partner
    5. You don't believe in being chivalrous
    6. You have somewhat modern beliefs related to gender roles

    Attachment Style - Summary

    1. Your level of reliance on your partner is occasionally unhealthy

    Sex Life - Summary

    1. Your sexual experience is limited
    2. When it comes to sex and sexuality you are quite liberal in your attitudes and behaviors
    3. When committed to someone, you are a faithful and loyal partner

    Jonas Liljegren
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