Overview of libxml-enno 1.01

This is a high level overview of libxml-enno. It contains the main modules XML::DOM, XML::XQL and XML::Checker and a few other packages:

Contents of libxml-enno
XML::DOM Provides the classes necessary to:
  • Parse XML documents from files or strings and to store the XML in a tree structure (i.e. XML::DOM::Document) with:
    1. XML::DOM::Parser (non-validating parser)
    2. XML::DOM::ValParser (validating parser)
    3. or from PerlSAX events with XML::Handler::BuildDOM
  • Print XML (document subtree) to file or string
  • Check resulting document against DTD with check() (which uses XML::Checker)
  • Generate PerlSAX events with to_sax()
  • XML::XQL Contains all of the classes for performing XQL queries on XML::DOM documents
    XML::Checker Provides classes for checking XML documents against the DTD. XML::Checker is used by:
  • XML::Checker::Parser
  • XML::DOM::ValParser
  • and the check() method of XML::DOM::Node.
  • XML::Filter::DetectWS PerlSAX filter that detects ignorable whitespace and, optionally, filters it. (Not well tested!)
    XML::Filter::Reindent PerlSAX filter that can re-indent XML files. This class derives from XML::Filter::DetectWS (Not well tested!).
    XML::Filter::SAXT Splits PerlSAX event stream into two or more PerlSAX event streams (similar to the Unix 'tee' command)
    XML::Handler::BuildDOM Previously called XML::DOM::PerlSAX. It was renamed for consistency with other PerlSAX handlers.
    XML::Handler::Composer Yet another XML printer. This one supports printing to other encodings. (Not well tested!).
    XML::Handler::PrintEvents Prints all PerlSAX events it receives to stdout. Useful when debugging PerlSAX event filters/producers.
    XML::RegExp Contains regular expressions for validating XML tokens.
    XML::UM Convert UTF-8 strings to any encoding supported by XML::Encoding.