HDC - Hypertext Documentation Community

This will be a virtual community aimed at gathering, structuring and refining knowledge in a web of related topics.

It will provide tools accumulating discussion entries and harvesting every useful sentence thereof. The result will be a growing hypertext encyclopedia and guide to find the people you search for.

It will have automated links to related topics, based on metadata. Wraf will be the tool used to create this website.

I see a lot of suggestions on how to do things better (in information technology). New concepts has sometimes led to applications meant to demonstrate the strength of the concept. This could be some type of information discovery system, document classification, reasoning engine, community infrastructure, or other things. I believe that we must combine all those things in order to get the desired effect. Each of them by themself is not enough. We have to mix automatic classifications systems with collaborative filtering and normal classification systems.

Sites with similar types of functions

Connecting nodes

Every page is a topic or an aspect of a topic. Every page will have links to related topics. The presentation will be adapted to the preferences of the agent.

The links would be grouped by things like

This for potential thousends of topics.

All data would belong to diffrent classes, like member, book, news, comment, etc. Each class will expect diffrent data. A book could have data about its author ( that could be a single author or a bag of them ), the title, its publisher, etc. Many books will have a limited set of data. But some book pages will include things like "this book contains a foreword by that author".

The point is that The data of the book should be dynamic. It should link to whatever comes up. And books is just one of many, many things. It could be a subclass to "media".

A community member would be a subclass of a person. Persons could also be authors, or just someone referred from one or more topics.

The web will grow by user contribution.

I have manualy created a personal site (in swedish), containing nearly 1500 pages.