Wraf: Node

A node is a Perl object of the class RDF::Service::Resource. It is the internal (to the system) representation of one or more statings. This includes nodes that represent literals.

Every node represent a resource with a known URI. Anonymous resources will be given a URI in the local namespace.

There are two ways of representing statings in Wraf. Explicit statings is represented by nodes with RDF:Statement properties. Implicit statings is stored inside the node. See how statings and literals are represented as nodes.

There are three reasons for having implicit statings:

  1. Save space
  2. Save time
  3. Most important: It lets us treat every stating in the system as a resource, but avoids infinite recursion.

Node slots

Each node has a number of slots (properties of the object) that can be handled as implicit statings. These implicit statings will either have a literal or another resource as the object. The literal type uses a scalar reference in the slot. The nonliteral type uses a reference to another node. Most of these can be undefined.

The MODEL slot is for statement resoruces and for the implicit statings determined by the LABEL and VALUE slot. Some of the other implicit statings are a sort of adaption and should be seen as infered statings. Not clear on how to handle this.

Other things

All data is taged with information about wheter it has been saved into an interface or not. The storage can be prosponded and done then Wraf has nothing better to do.