Wraf: Service

A service is an internet resource used to retrieve information.

Every session is called a service. The service represnts an agents view of a thing which to direct requests.

Differ between:

  1. The service program (ie, Wraf)
  2. The release of the program (v1.0)
  3. The installation of the program (on host.domain)
  4. The daemon (listening on a port)
  5. The process (serving as the daemon)
  6. The session
  7. The request
  8. And all these things for the client

Each of these can be represented by its own resource. The two most significant resources here is the client URL and the session. The service will normally be accessd via a client that gives it a HTTP interface. HTTP requests to the client is forwarded to the daemon URL.

The service collects information from diffrent sources through interfaces.