Wraf: Truth

ls:Truth is a class. True statements will be of rdf:type ls:Truth

TBL suggests the property truth for a model. To get true properties of a node we could say $node->arc( type => 'lc:Truth' )->list or maby, if we doesn't distribute the model truthness, $node->arc( model => {type => 'lc:Truth' } )->list.

To get the true english name of a thing, we could say $thing->arc( pred => $name, type => 'lc:Truth' )->obj( lang => $english )->value. The preference for true statements will usually be a part of the context. So we could say $thing->name( lang => $english )->value instead. And with a prespecified preference for english versions (in the context), we could say $thing->name->value.

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