RDF Schema editor

The RDF Schema editor is an experimental prototype, written in perl, for viewing, editing and navigating in RDF data, based on RDF Schemas. The goal is to find out what functions and tools are needed for my project.

This project is not active

The development is now continuing with the second generation prototype, in the WRAF project.

Design overview

This is the design of the prototype. The new design (for WRAF) are in progress. The Schema editor is a program using a couple of general RDF modules. There are nine classes. Three layers and three classes per layer.

Schema Model Resource Statement
Simple Model Resource Statement
Source/x Model Resource Statement

Here is a API method overview map

The schema editor program is using the Schema::Model class. This class inherits from Simple::Model, and that class inherits from Source::x::Model, where 'x' is specified in the call to the Schema::Model constructor. The Model object will be used to construct Resource and Statement objects.

The Schema layer contain all logic and functions specific to the RDF Schema Specification. To only get the functions for the RDF M&S Specification, you would use the constructor in the Simple::Model class.

The Schema and Simple layers are programmed to not know anything about the storage of the RDF data. They use the methods in the Source layer, using the specified source class. I am only using the Source::DBI classes, that uses the perl DBI module to access a database.

Sergey Melnik has collected more ways of Storing RDF in a relational database.

Author: Jonas Liljegren