Wraf: IDS

IDS stands for Interface Domain Signature.

Every session connects to one or more interfaces. Those interfaces defines the known universe.

The node holding the session resource will hold a orderd list of connected interfaces. The signature, called IDS will be generated from this order.

Every node will be marked with a IDS. The node will be cached and can be used again if a node with the same signature is fetching the same resource.

This means that all the node methods is only dependent on the order of the connected interfaces. This also means that for each resource there can be one node for each IDS. They are the same resource, but viewed within diffrent universes, they appear diffrent in regard to the result of queries, etc.

This construction is based on the asumption that there will be many agents using the same signature. That is: the same node will be reused more times than not.

The objects signature is a read only value.

Presently, the individual session and base_model resources is morphed to the new IDS upon connection to a new interface. This should probably change.