Wraf: Views

A view is the result of a request in a context. The view kan be formatted as a RDF response, or in HTML, depending on the presentation layer used.

A view can be of a resource with its properties. Diffrent types of views could be a combination from:

  1. A specific version
  2. Only trusted data
  3. The property values at a specific time
  4. values according to a specific perspective
  5. A specified language
  6. Only high quality data
  7. Only data from or about a specific group

And it should work well with diffrent types of statemets (or groups of statements) that is suppoesed to override previous ones.

Unknown properties versus known negatives

If the metadata about a person doesn't include a phone number, does that mean that the person doesn't have a phone or does it mean that the source doesn't know the phone number for the person?

We have two options:

  1. Explicitly state that a specific statement is false, or that a resoruce doesn't have a specific property (ie, has zero true statements with a specific predicate).
  2. Put metadata, in the model or interface, explaining what properties it knows about specified types of resoruces. For example, it can state that it knows about all names and phone numbers for the persons it has data about. This should be specified by giving the resource a property pointing to a template specifying these implicit negative properties.

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